Peter Jeff

         Hi, I’m Peter Jeff, the author of the 3-book Leadership Mints Series. I think of myself as The Leadership Mints Guy (@LeaderMintsGuy on Twitter) but you can call me an info nut. Most do.

That’s because I have a passion for putting information in FORMATION. I like researching and packing meaningful information–not meaningless trivia–so that the reader comes away with a clearer understanding of an issue and greater sense  of perspective, importance or significance.

I stirred my passion for teaching and my expertise in leadership, communications and writing while holding a ringside seat in the C-Suite of a multi-billion-dollar global business leader for more than 20 years where I consulted with executive management on a range of leadership issues from conflict management to employee engagement to media relations.

I’m a leadership development consultant, coach and author of the 4-book Leadership Mints Series. In addition to teaching current and future leaders at a corporate university for a global company, I’ve also taught public speaking and communications courses as a college instructor.

As a former reporter and editor for The Miami Herald, my teaching and authoring leadership books reflects my my journalistic flair for learning something new and different and sharing it in an engaging writing style. I like to also season my books with insights from other authors and often sprinkles fun facts in history, science and nature etc. to augment the meaning and memorability of the teaching point in each Leadership Mint.

       Helping to fuel my passion for sharing information is  long-time love affair with public speaking in general and Toastmasters International in particular.   Toastmasters meetings and contests for more than 15 years. Toastmasters is the international organization that helps people practice leadership and communications skills with an emphasis on public speaking, active listening and organized thinking.  

2 thoughts on “Profile

  1. Don Zizzi

    You left out of your experience profile: co-founder of Notre Dame High School’s football program and author of “Jotting the Jugglers”


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