You’re busy. You don’t need a Basex 2010 study to tell you that knowledge workers “only spend 5% of their day engaged in thought and reflection.”  Sometimes you’re so busy you think you don’t have time to think. And you feel like your stomach is in a knot. You need a breather.

       Exhale AHHHHHHHH!

     And savor  a Leadership Mint, a breath of fresh air designed to inspire (Latin for “breathe into”) and pump you up to get back on your leadership tightrope more exhilarated than exhausted.    And like the candy variety, Leadership Mints are  immediately refreshing, easily spooned and quickly digested in the four books in the Leadership Mints Series: THINKING Like a Leader, SPEAKING Like a Leader, LOVING Like a Leader, and TEACHING Like a Leader.

      Leadership Mints are bite-sized posts in a scenario format that depict a specific leadership behavior or lack thereof.

The content-rich, story-telling  engages the reader.  And the short 5-minute reading time quickly reinforces and reminds you of a leadership principle that can be immediately applied that day.

Leadership Mints are ideal to pass around during staff meetings as a time-saving, learning and leading professional development tool and extend your 5% of thinking and reflection time in your busy day.

      The Leadership Mints Guy — Peter Jeff– serves these Leadership Mints from a personal recipe that he has stirred over the last 30 years immersed in a leadership stew that includes executive coaching,  leadership development and training for a Fortune 500 company, and serving as adjunct college instructor in public speaking.

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