Hi, I’m Peter Jeff, the author of the 3-book Leadership Mints Series. I think of myself as The Leadership Mints Guy (@LeaderMintsGuy on Twitter) but you can call me an info nut. Most do.

         That’s because I have a passion for putting information in FORMATION. I like researching and packing meaningful information–not meaningless trivia–so that the reader comes away with a clearer understanding of an issue and greater sense  of perspective, importance or significance.

       That’s  why you will always find me reading a book or a magazine or an e-zine with a stack of blank white 3 x 5 ruled Index cards in my hand and pen nearby.  You never know when I’m going to capture another fact on one of the 14,000 index cards I filled out and organized in 156 different categories. Yes, I know that’s old school. But organizing those index cards — putting that information in FORMATION — is how I wrote my personal leadership book  Get a GRIP On your Dream.

      That book is peppered with various examples from history, science, and nature that spice the concepts of goal-setting and  more fully engage the reader in my four-step GRIP process of Goal-setting, Risk-Making, Initiating and Persisting.

                                 Putting Information in Formation

I’ve spent most of my career in researching and writing and packaging  information. First as a:

  • Newspaper reporter for The Miami Herald,  then as the
  • Public Relations Director for the NFL  Alumni, Inc., then as the
  • Press Relations Manager at Pepsi-Cola Company in New York, then as the
  • Company Spokesperson at Steelcase Inc.  in Grand Rapids, Michigan, then as a
  • Leadership Development coach at Steelcase University, then as a
  • Leadership Columnist for a monthly business in West Michigan (MiBiz West) and later as an
  • Adjunct college instructor at Grand Valley State University in West Michigan.

                                                Award-winning Toastmaster

Helping to fuel my passion for sharing information is  long-time love affair with public speaking in general and Toastmasters International in particular.  I’ve written articles for a public speaking blog  Six-Minutes.   I’ve also been an award-winning speaker at Toastmasters meetings and Toastmasters is a worldwide public speaking organizationcontests for more than 15 years.

Toastmasters is the international organization that helps people practice leadership and communications skills with an emphasis on public speaking, active listening and organized thinking.  I needed material for my Toastmasters speeches every week.  You can bet I parlayed my index card collection for many of my 200 speeches.  And now I’m reaching into that index card file again to put information in FORMATION to serve you a Leadership Mint every business day to help you keep your leadership thinking in mint condition.

2 thoughts on “Profile

  1. Don Zizzi

    You left out of your experience profile: co-founder of Notre Dame High School’s football program and author of “Jotting the Jugglers”


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