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Defining Love in a Business Context

(Excerpt from newly published book LOVING Like a Leader, By Peter Jeff. Available on Amazon.com, $15 paperback, $8 e-Book.)

Heightened awareness.

That’s what love is in a business context, notes Barbara Fredrickson, a psychologist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has conducted more than 25 years of research on positive emotions. In her book LOVE 2.0, Fredrickson notes that when humans are in love, they reach out for something beyond their own “cocoon of self- interest” and become more aware of others. They become more likely to focus on the needs, wants and concerns of others and to see things from another’s perspective.

“The best-kept secret
of successful leaders is love.

Small wonder that “the best-kept secret of successful leaders is love,” observe researchers James Kouzes and Barry Posner in their seminal book The Leadership Challenge based on more than two million interviews and surveys over the last 30 years with leaders all over the world. “Of all the things that sustain a leader over time, love is the most lasting,” add Kouzes and Posner.

When a leader is in love with the process of leading, he or she has “the fire to ignite other people, see inside other people, to have a greater desire to get things done,” noted John H. Stanford, a former Major General in the United States Army, cited in The Leadership Challenge.

Love in this business context spotlights the humanity of the individual to “experience another human being in his (or her) very uniqueness,” according to Viktor Frankl, the psychiatrist and author of Man’s Search for Meaning. “By his love he (or she) is enabled to see the essential traits and features in the beloved person.”

Maybe that’s why philosopher Milton Mayeroff defines love as “the selfless promotion of the growth of others.” Author James Hunter defines love in a business context as “extending yourself to help others” in his book, World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle.

And one of the 30 definitions of love in the dictionary says love is the “affectionate concern for the well-being of others.” Psychologists tell us that love is a behavior more than simply a feeling, a behavior that champions others, a behavior that validates the dignity and worth of another human being, a behavior that compels you to hate the sin but love the sinner.

That’s why the last sentence in the bible of leadership development, The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry Posner, summarize that:

“Leadership is not
an affair of the head.
Leadership is
an affair of the heart.”

       As an affair of the heart in helping others grow and development, love in a business context is what the bible calls “charity” and the Greeks called agape.  That focus on the soul of a person validates one’s humanity and fills the essence of his or her well-being. In loving others in a business context, a leader’s agape is:

More Meaningful
than obligatory (storge/family)

More Reinforcing
than self-serving (philia/friends)

More Sustaining
than erotic (eros/sexual partners)

More Persuasive
than playful (ludus/flirting)

More Flourishing
than fleeting (pragma/long-lasting marriages)

And love (agape) in a business context is more focused on growing the bottom line through the growth of others. To get ahead leaders first help others get ahead. With love.

LOVING Like a Leader

Designed as a handy reference tool on leadership principles and as an on-going, convenient professional development conversation starter for a leader and his or her staff,  LOVING Like a Leader is  comprised of 77 short stories called Leadership Mints. Sweetened with insights from 77-plus other books on leadership, these Leadership Mints define and leverage emotional intelligence in general and love in a business context in particular for greater productivity,   profitability and sustainability. Like a candy mint, these Leadership Mints are quickly accessed, easily digested and immediately reinvigorating.



LOVING Like a Leader to be Published August 15


                                “Real Leaders Cry” Claims New Book

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN—June 15, 2016— Real Leaders Cry & Kissing LikeLeader are two of the 77 short stories (called Mints) in a new leadership development book to be published August 15, 2016. The 266-page book is titled:

  LOVING Like a Leader
 77 More Leadership Mints
by Peter Jeff

            Filled with short stories easily digested and quickly re-invigorating like a candy mint, LOVING Like a Leader provides 77 compelling ways to break through the malaise in business and the disenchantment in politics. Calling on 30 years of business experience, the author provides busy leaders a tool to develop other leaders.

            These 77 new Leadership Mints are segmented into three categories — Compassion, Connection and Conviction-­­-designed to personalize leadership principles and help leaders recharge their batteries to lead with what researchers call The Secret Ingredient: LOVE. Each Leadership Mint begins with an EngageMINT — a one-sentence call-to-action summary that reinforces the intended key leadership learning of the story: how to more effectively engage others.

           LOVING Like a Leader is peppered with historical examples in business, sports and politics. Patterned after the first book in the Leadership Mints Series (ENERGIZING Like A Leader, With 101 Leadership Mints), the book also features  tips on developing your own sense of humor to enlighten your feeling for leading with love.

         LOVING Like a Leader will be available on Amazon.com and booksellers everywhere on August 15, 2016  ($15 paperback, ISBN 9780-6926-20007,  $10 e-book). For a Pre-Publication Review Copy, contact Peter Jeff e-mail: peterjeff@charter.net. On twitter: @LeaderMintsGuy. 


You can purchase LEADERSHIP MINTS, the 296 page  tool to help leaders develop others leaders on Amazon.com or click on this link:


      Here is the introduction:

To More Fully Digest
The Leadership Challenge

2016 cover              With more than two million copies sold, The Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry Posner has earned its worldwide reputation as the Bible of Leadership Development. Following in that bible’s storytelling tradition, these 101 LEADERSHIP MINTS help you savor and digest the key principles in The Leadership Challenge. These LEADERSHIP MINTS– stories that can be read in 5 minutes or less – are easy to swallow and just as quickly energizing and refreshing like the candy mint. In fact, these LEADERSHIP MINTS are designed as bite-sized ideas to flesh out and personalize, to invigorate and innervate The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership as defined in The Leadership Challenge:

1. Model the Way
2. Inspire a Shared Vision
3. Challenge the Process
4. Enable Others to Act
5. Encourage the Heart

        See FIVE PRACTICES to review the full list of 101 Mints (stories) categorized according to the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. But first here’s a preview that illustrates the provocative titles and the entertaining flair of these LEADERSHIP MINTS that makes the leadership development principles more memorable, meaningful and actionable:

To Model the Way, see LEADERSHIP MINTS on Emotional Intelligence and Public Speaking, including: Mint 51 (Filling Up your Fool Tank) ,
Mint 75 (Breaking the Dam of Indifference) and Mint 82 (Wearing Your Wrinkled Coat of Arms).

To Inspire a Shared Vision, see LEADERSHIP MINTS on Strategic Thinking and Perception, including: Mint 1 (Yabba Dabba Doo on Monday Morning) , Mint 2 (Are you Forty or Forte?) and Mint 23 (Broadening Your Funnel Vision).

To Challenge the Process, see LEADERSHIP MINTS on Innovation and Creativity, including: Mint 3 (What’s Your YQ?,) Mint 7 (Slipping into the Girdle of Innovation) and Mint 31 (Taking the Scum Off Your Mind. )

To Enable Others to Act, see LEADERSHIP MINTS on Teamwork and Conflict Management including  Mint 43 (Feeding Friend-zy),
Mint 55 (Teetering on the See-Saw of Trust) , Mint 80 (Playing your ACE in a Stacked Deck).

To Encourage the Heart, see LEADERSHIP MINTS on Relationship Building and Listening including: Mint 42 (Heart Transplant of Another Kind),  Mint 58 (Feeding the Birds ) and Mint 70 (Making LOVE to your Audience).


FREE Leadership Mints Book June 4-8

2016 cover        Make way for the 5-minute Leadership Mints Break at your next staff meetings proclaims a newly published book designed to help leaders develop other leaders. The 296-page book features provocative titles and short stories (read in 5 minutes or less) that personalize 16 different leadership behaviors:

101 Bite-Sized Ideas to Energize Yourself & Others
by Peter Jeff

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Customer Service With Pizzazz!

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy
Here’s an idea to add punch to your customer service. Reading time: 3:04

      The  fast-food counter seemed more like a stage to the clerk  especially when he welcomed his audience of one– his customer–with a bright smile and  even brighter affirmation of his customer’s order:

      A ham “I will get that right up for you sir and I can tell you that I’m going to put smile on your face and inch on your waist.”

      His  jovial voice beamed through pearly white teeth and a breathy enthusiasm that painted smiles on the faces of nearby patrons too.

      His customers appreciated the clerk’s creative zeal in turning an ordinary transaction into something extra-ordinary.  That’s what leaders do. They turn the ordinary into the extra-ordinary.

       Indeed, this leader in customer service showmanship made absolutely sure this $31.46 order for this  customer and his five other auto mechanic co-workers would be anything but ordinary.

           Leaders have a flair for customer service showmanship that re-focuses the spotlight on the customer to add even greater value to their customer experience. Continue reading

Eating Humble Pie at 30,000 Feet

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy
Here’s an idea to reinforce the integrity of your corporate culture. Reading time: 3:14.

      The CEO and the president of a multi-billion dollar company headed off to the airport for a business trip.

Virtual Images       No limousine. No private jet. They flew commercial—in coach. No first class treatment for them. They were too focused on treating others first class.

      That’s what leaders do. They don’t regularly spend on themselves for comfort or convenience. They more regularly invest in others for their added comfort or convenience that increases their performance and productivity.

     Of course, the CEO and President could have justified the expense of a private jet for a business trip. But on this occasion, they had planned a larger than normal window in their schedules to accommodate the added travel time. Continue reading

Thriving on Your Friendly Five

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you work smarter not harder. Reading time: 3:21

      Forget working 12-hour days or more. Try working just 5 minutes a day –with each of your employees—and making more time for you to think, to learn and to lead.

     No way, you say. You gotta be kidding me! Well, read on and see for yourself. Five-Minutes

     The most effective leaders leverage the Friendly Five Minutes strategy to preempt problems and take precautionary measures that ward off at least some of the headaches before they flair into full-fledged migraines.

      Highly effective leaders say that if they spend 5 minutes each day FIRST THING with each of their employees, they increase morale, cool smoldering fires and more fully assess the working conditions  to better align for every-changing production demands and staffing assignments.

     Let’s say you have eight direct reports and you spend 5 minutes with each of them or 40 minutes and let’s say you need 10 minutes to get from workstation to workstation to visit with your next direct report or 80 minutes. Continue reading