Research Refreshes & Spices Up The Leadership Mints Series

The 3-book Leadership Mints Series is peppered with insights from 169 other books. No wonder the three books — THINKING Like a Leader, LOVING Like a Leader and SPEAKING Like a Leader have earned early notice among readers for the comprehensive research in general and the book’s consummate lists of key learnings and lists of key behavior traits of leaders.

Reading THINKING Like a Leader is like digesting the gist of 82 other books; 51 other books in LOVING Like a Leader and 36 others books on Speaking Like a Leader.

Some readers even joke that the books should be rated R for research. Woven throughout the books, the research is specifically designed to evince  key points in each of the books that provides a more memorable and even more entertaining reading experience. Consider these three examples: Continue reading “Research Refreshes & Spices Up The Leadership Mints Series”


Freshen Your Annual Review Ritual with Leadership Mints

Annual performance reviews continue to morph from a yearly ritual into a weekly conversation between managers and their direct reports.   However, the routine nature of the process can erode those weekly meetings into a CHECK UP more than a check in where the focus is more critical than creative.

           After all it’s a lot easier to play bad cop.  It’s always easier to focus on the missing piece of the puzzle instead of puzzling in a new more robust piece that adds greater value.

So what can you do to spice up the annual review ritual?

Give your direct report a break: a 5-minute Leadership Mints Break BEFORE you launch into your weekly project/performance review.

And help your direct report broaden their perspective on optimum leadership behavior without you preaching or donning a bad cop hat.

Conversation Starters on Professional Development

What a Leadership Mints Break? It’s a  conversation starter on professional development.  Leadership Mints are short 5-minute stories that personalize optimum leadership behaviors.

Those behaviors include conflict management, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking and relationship building.

Some of those Leadership Mints focus on creativity, collaboration and concentration. Other Leadership Mints address compassion, connection and conviction. And still other Leadership Mints arm leaders to communicate credibly, memorable and capably.

These Leadership Mints stories are found in the 3-book Leadership Mints Series that helps leaders think with clarity, lead with empathy and speak with civility.

Spicing Up Staff Meetings

As a team leader, you might also consider using the the 3-book Leadership Mints process to conduct a 5-minute Leadership Mints Break as part of your regular staff meetings.

These conversation starters on professional development also give leaders a more interactive framework  for learning and feedback that focuses more on capability and less on culpability.

These professional development conversation starters can usher in a more productive weekly check in.

The 3-books in The Leadership Mints Series are available on  ($15 paperback, $8 ebook).

               They are:

Baton Exchange Anchors Leadership Mints Series

Exchanging the baton in a relay race — the front cover image on each of the three books in  The Leadership Mints Series — celebrates the collaborative focus of leaders and followers.

       Leaders and followers need — and heed—each other.  On and off the track.

Leaders realize their success is dependent on their participating WITH their followers (a.k.a audiences). They learn from one other. They factor their mutual needs and interests with each other. And they speak WITH – not AT –each other. With civility. Time and again.

      Their collaborative performance is an on-going pursuit.

Leaders realize there is no finish line. Just another starting line. And still another well-marked exchange zone on a track where they and their followers must perform collaboratively. On time (and under budget). One hand reaching out to the other’s hand. In full stride. With precision.

            That’s why their on-going pursuit of interdependence between— leaders and followers, speakers and audiences, managers and their employees (and relay track team members) — is featured  throughout The Leadership Mints Series in THINKING Like a Leader with clarity, in LOVING Like a Leader with empathy and in SPEAKING Like a Leader with civility.

Sitting RINGSIDE in the Corporate Arena

By Peter Jeff, Author
The Leadership Mints Series

Sitting ringside at a professional boxing match as a sportswriter you see the splatter of the blood on the canvass. You hear the grunts and groans.  You wince at the pain in the eyes of the boxers.  And you see ropes vibrating with a venom like a rattlesnake when a boxer is on the ropes.

        You are THAT close to the action, even closer than those who pay $10,000 a seat to sit AROUND the ring albeit not exactly ringside. And there in the thick of the action a ringside viewer “gets a clearer and more comprehensive view of the infighting, something the home fan seldom gets (watching on television),” observed a long time boxing sportswriter.

So do those who sit ringside in the corporate arena  — close enough to sit eye-to-eye with the Chief Executive Officer but yet far enough away to never have to risk going toe-to-toe. They become “consiglieri or the real advisors behind the throne,” notes David D’Alessandro, the former Chief Executive Officer of John Hancock Financial Services in his book Executive Warfare.

Chances are you first became familiar with that job title — Consigliere– in the movie The Godfather. Robert Duvall’s character served as the trusted lawyer and confidant to the Corelone family.

The Consigliere often had to referee internal and external conflict without getting killed in the process. He or she stayed above the fray primarily because he or she stood on the sidelines, never in line for one of the line positions to run the family.

Those Consiglieri  (plural of Consigliere) are often staff leaders in human resources, public relations, investor relations and the law department, D’Alessandro observes who have “unfettered access to the boss.”  They are able to walk into the office of the CEO” without a moment’s notice and just glide by the assistant with or without an appointment.”That’s because those consiglieri have no personal career ax to grind and no personal agenda to pursue.

I enjoyed that kind of unfettered access to the Chief Executive Officer and other key decision makers in a billion -dollar plus company for nearly 20 years. Sitting ringside in the corporate arena, I saw up close and personal how leaders throughout the organization dealt with complexed problems from liability and compliance issues to employee engagement and media scrutiny that impacted the bottom line. Continue reading “Sitting RINGSIDE in the Corporate Arena”

Are You Speaking Like a Leader? New Book Celebrates Civility

       SPEAKING Like a Leader, With Civility & Featuring 52 More Leadership Mints by Peter Jeff,  is now available on, $15 paperback, $8 digital.

          The title page of the 298-page book states emphatically: “This book is R Rated: R for Respect. How leaders gain, retain, and sustain respect from distracted audiences in general and disengaged employees in particular. And in the process how speaker/leaders earn greater credibility for themselves and increased buy-in for their message. With civility.”

             In addition to a speech writing template and 12 ways to spice up the memorability of your podium performance, the book is filled with examples on earning credibility rooted in civility from audiences who are aggrieved and adversarial.

To purchase on  SPEAKING Like a Leader.

        There are specific bonus chapters on reprimanding an employee, on cooling off an irate customer, on contending with an aggressive news media, on overcoming apathetic meeting participants and on dueling effectively with a skeptical job interviewer.

         SPEAKING Like a Leader is also the only public speaking book on the market that features a 18-page section on how to SEASON your sense of humor to foster greater civility for your presentation style and greater credibility for gaining understanding and acceptance of your message.

           As the third book in The Leadership Mints Series, SPEAKING Like a Leader builds on leading with empathy in LOVING Like a Leader published in 2017 and on clarity in decision-making in THINKING Like a Leader, published in 2016.

            Like the other books in The Leadership Mints Series, SPEAKING Like a Leader offers a grab ‘n go, dip-in-anywhere 5-minute reading experience that refreshes a leader’s feeling for leading with Leadership Mints — short stories that personify optimum leadership behavior. And like the candy mint, these Leadership Mints are easily spooned, quickly digested and immediately invigorating.