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Innovation: Turning An Irritant Into A Pearl

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you turn a bad experience into a creative idea. Reading time: 2:13

             The melting carton of ice cream oozed all over the seat in the row boat. The faster he rowed, the quicker the ice cream seemed to melt along with his visions of a fun picnic on the island with his girlfriend.

         A 15-minute rowing trip turned into an hour struggle against changing winds and waves.

    And Ole Evinrude got mad.

      He took that irritant of having to fight those waves with only a rowing paddle and turned that grueling and frustrating experience into a pearl of innovation. He engineered the boating industry’s first outboard motor.

          That’s what creative leaders do. They take ordinary problems and turn them into extraordinary innovations Continue reading