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Rehearsing: Stick It To The Audience

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you more fully prepare to deliver your next speech. Reading time: 2:31.

           “Let’s go. My car’s right here anyway.” The two executives hopped in the car. In a few minutes they were speeding down a country road lined with corn fields that had just been planted.

            The passenger says: “Hey congrats on getting that speaking opportunity at the convention next week. How’s the speech coming along?.”

            The driver says: “Okay, I reviewed it with my speechwriter the other day. But I really don’t have time to rehearse it. Just too busy.”

           “Yeah, I hear ya’. Busy. Yeah, Who’s got time to rehearse anyway,” the executive in the passenger seat opined as the rows of corn fields whizzed by.  “I’m sure glad this farmer rehearsed.” He waved his hands toward the well-hoed corn fields.

          “Rehearsed? A farmer? The driver winced in confusion.

         “Yeah, I love popcorn and a good movie. I love corn on the cob. If that farmer didn’t rehearse there would be less popcorn in the world.”

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