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Selling Tickets to Your Field of Dreams

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to differentiate managing and coaching. Reading time: 2:34.

         You’re a newly minted leader. Yet you still think of yourself as a manager and others regard you as a coach. You are confused—almost as confused as the professional sports world must be where nomenclature seems off track.  After all the title of head honcho in basketball and football (The Coach) is different from the head  honcho in baseball (The Manager).

       Let’s clear up the confusion and better focus your role as a manager, as a coach and as a leader.

       Dusting off the baseball history books we discover the origin for calling the on-the-field boss the “manager.” Turns out before there was a front office in the world of professional baseball, the on-the-field manager also conducted management duties from selling tickets to booking hotel rooms for players on the road.

      Meanwhile the baseball manager delegated the on the field team operations to an uniformed team captain. Continue reading