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Leadership Mints Sampler: COLLABORATING Like a Leader

Developing and growing a productive collaborating climate is a key theme in THINKING Like a Leader, one of three books in The Leadership Mints Series. Here is a quick peek at the  24 Leadership Mints (short stories on leadership principles) that focus on Collaborating in Part III.

This overview is excerpted from the 280-page book that is now available at Amazon.com. in both print and e-book versions.


In thinking like a leader, you depend on others (Mint 53).

You partner with others (Mints 54-55).

You adapt to others (Mint 56).

You conduct your meetings with a premise for and about others (Mint 57).

You wear your name tag the right way (Mint 58).

You slow down (Mint 60).

You take a time out (59).

You get a peace of the action (Mint 61).

You free others (Mint 62) to work better together (Mint 70).

You light the way (Mint 63).

You fill-in the gaps for others (Mint 64).

You consistently prepare (Mint 76).

You coach others (Mint 65) and rally your rivals (Mint 66).

You earn the permission of the public (Mint 67).

You guard against your own ego blinding you (Mint 68).

You project the face others expect of you (Mint 69).

You champion diversity (Mint 71).

You leverage diversity (Mint 77).

You praise thoughtfully (Mint 72).

You accept criticism responsibly (Mint 73).

And you maintain self control (Mint 74) especially in reprimanding others (Mint 75).

THINKING LIKE A Leader is the first book in The 3-book Leadership Mints Series designed to help leaders refresh their feeling for leading on-the-go with stories on leadership principles called Leadership Mints that like the candy are easily accessed,  quickly digested and immediately refreshing.

The other two books in the Leadership Mints Series focus on leading with empathy (LOVING Like a Leader) featuring 77 more Leadership Mints (stories) and leading with civility featuring 52 Leadership Mints (stories) (SPEAKING Like a Leader)

RIGHT ON! Making Your Name Tag Stick

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you wear your name tag more strategically. Reading time: 2:46

          You’re standing in the registration area of a major meeting or convention. Look around.  You’d think a wind storm blew through the way the conventioneers are wearing their name tags: Every which way.  Left- sided. Right- sided. Lop-sided. Who cares? Leaders do.

        name-tag  Leaders know there is a RIGHT way to wear a name tag albeit the preponderance of overwhelming evidence on the left.

          On the left, many stick name tags on their chest as if it were a carnation or a gardenia boutonniere blossoming in their lapel.

          On the left,  many stick name tags on their chest as if it were the base for the ever-present flag pin waving on a politician’s lapel like a red white and blue flower positioned –of course –directly over the heart.

         On the left, many stick name tags on their chest as if it were manifesting a corporate logo squarely on the blazer’s left pocket in all its splendor.

         And on the left, many stick name tags on their chest as if were another medal of honor amid other decorative ribbons and military plumage strutting proudly with the same zeal that commands attention be paid to a General. Or to a Secretary of State.

          Who can ever forget the broaches and other decorative pins that Secretary of State Madeline Albright showcased prominently on her upper left side as a symbol of the kind of work she was doing that day—punitive (snake pins etc) or  remunerative (butterfly pins etc)?

         Yet most effective leaders know that when it comes to sticking name tags on: RIGHT MAKES MIGHT.

         The most effective leaders know their name tag should be clipped, pinned or pasted on their RIGHT chest close to the shoulder. Why? To make it easier for the person to read your name tag while shaking your hand and maintaining relatively more eye contact with you.  Continue reading