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Visionary: Seeing The Invisible Gorilla

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you anticipate and cope with changing conditions. Reading time: 2:01

         The next time you concentrate on that “vision thing” forget looking ahead to get ahead. Look around to be more sound. Think 360 degrees. Not bulls-eye. Pan to plan the future. Turn up the Surround Sound.

        Yet too many leaders yield their attention to that bright shiny object on the ground just ahead.

       And looking down –not out and around – they crash like so many vultures into wind turbines. And everyone else is appalled: how could you crash your organization into such a huge obstacle right in front of you.

      You couldn’t see it, you explain. That huge metallic monster hit in plain sight of everyone else –is in your blind spot.

     You were focusing downward and that led to your downfall. You suffered vulture-itis, a focusing disease that vultures often exhibit.

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