Servant Leaders Take Orders

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to cement team building and enhance trust. Reading time: 2:38

         You’re a nobody. At least you feel that way as a third stringer. You’re sitting on the sidelines of life. You never get in the game. No one ever cheers for you. No one cares. Then suddenly you find yourself sitting in first class. Even the first stringers –the stars—defer to you. Dreaming?

        No. Leading with class.

       Take it from a highly successful leader – Bo Schembechler – former head football coach at the University of Michigan especially if you’re trying to reinforce values like commitment and loyalty over the long-erm.

     On charter flights to away games all 20 of the seats in first class were reserved for senior football players. No coaches. No alumni. No fat cats. Just seniors. No matter if you played third string.

         And no matter if you were a highly recruited top player but NOT yet a senior. Continue reading “Servant Leaders Take Orders”

Meeting Magic: Fire Up the Troops With Passionate Introductions

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to get your meetings off to more productive start.

            Most meetings end before they begin. In sheer confusion, frustration and exasperation. “A waste of my time,” they grouse. And no wonder. The meeting agenda skipped the foreplay.

           No I’m not trying to appeal to your prurient interests. Only to your persuasive interests as a leader to get the extended attention and retention of others. And sometimes that means blowing your own horn!

             Trumpet the treasure to come, much like “Hail to the Chief” commands the audience attention at the entrance of the President of the United States.

            Let’s have a little fanfare for the common man at your next meeting. Invest a little passion and energy into enthusiastically introducing your first meeting presenter.

          Too many meetings open with a boring statement of the purpose of the meeting or the proverbial toss of the baton “okay now let me turn the meeting over to….”

          No, no, no. Boring. Continue reading “Meeting Magic: Fire Up the Troops With Passionate Introductions”