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Becoming a Bobblehead to Get Ahead

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to enhance your concentration. Reading time: 3:35.

       Imagine the boring routine of it all, driving over the same 170-mile stretch day in and day out! Now compound that Mile Monotony over a 30-years and three million miles!  Oh, the pain! I can feel the excruciating pain right now. The pain piercing my eyes like so many arrows from that endless stream of white lines PAINted on the road. Mile, after mile, after mile.

Custom made Bobbleheads decorate executive offices.

         And despite that hypnotic trance of the highway you perform flawlessly: Accident free. For 30 years. Over three million miles!

        How do you conquer that hypnotic trance of the highway that too often deepens drowsiness and kills truck drivers as the leading cause of highway accidents?

      How do you drive the equivalent of six trips to the moon and back– accident free?

     I had to know the day I got into the 18 wheeler with Al who had just been named the American Trucking Association’s National Driver of the Year.

     As a Road Warrior Extraordinaire, Al taught me a lesson in leadership that day – a lesson I think about every time I’m struggling through what seems to me a routine, ordinary task filled with more yawns than awes.

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