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Become Ear-Resistable: FLIRT With Your Audience

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to gain and retain the attention of your audience for your next speech. Reading time: 4:38

           How do the most effective leaders leverage their public speaking skills to more fully engage an audience, to captivate an audience, to enthrall an audience  “ear-resistably.”  They FLIRT.  And so can you. With a breathless bravado of sorts.

          No you don’t have to share a furtive glance with someone sitting close to the lectern. No,  you don’t have to soften your voice in a sexy whisper. No, you don’t have to bite your own lips in a moment of passion or run your tongue along your teeth at a delectable thought.

         No, you don’t have to kneel down on one knee and plead ever so fervently with a member of the audience. No, you don’t have to walk into the audience and softly waltz a finger across someone’s cheek or touch some one so gingerly on the shoulder.

        All you have to do is FLIRT.

                FLIRT is an acrostic  for five ways you can use your body language to Continue reading