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There’s No Place Like “Ommmm”

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you think more clearly. Reading time 2:31.

           There’s no place like “om” when a leader needs to think through contradictory issues.

         a meditate1 Om is the centuries-old meditation mantra where the incantation of the voice hums the body’s muscles into a state of relaxation. Ommmmmmm!

         Om slows down the heart beat. Ommmmmmm!

         Om channels the mind to focus on the important no matter how demanding the urgent. Ommmmmmm!

         Om turns solitude into a catalyst for breakthrough ideas. Ommmmmmm!

         Thomas Edison felt at “om” in his solitude. The inventor of the light bulb and owner of nearly 1200 patents fomented his creative zeal in silence: “To do much clear thinking a man must arrange for regular periods of solitude when he can concentrate and indulge his imagination without distraction.” Ommmmmmm!

         Billionaire J. Paul Getty would sit alone in his library for an hour or two each day. Thinking. Not reading. Not writing. Just thinking. Ommmmmmm! Then he would make a phone call or two that would generate additional millions of dollars into his oil empire. Continue reading