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Leadership Mints Series Sampler Beware of your Impulse Behavior

How adaptable are you to changing conditions? Adapting to changing conditions isn’t easy. Just ask the proverbial frog in the simmering pot who is boiled to death.

Surely that kind of mindless behavior – that kind of comfort with conformity without relevant rationale – can’t happen in the real world, can it?  Let’s check the history books.

Consider the soldiers in World War I who were consistently too slow in firing an old horse-drawn cannon even though they both testified they were conducting the firing with the standard protocol. And they were. Habitually.

But now the horses were no longer pulling the cannon yet the two soldiers still stepped back and stood still for a few seconds as if they were holding the horses still before firing. Are you still holding your proverbial horses?

To help you guard against your own impulsive behavior, consider purchasing a copy of a 296–page book now available on Amazon.com.

Leadership Mints Sampler: CREATING Like a Leader


Inspiring it and sustaining it is a key theme in THINKING Like a Leader, one of three books in The Leadership Mints Series. Here is a quick peek at the  36  Leadership Mints (short stories on leadership principles) that are  Creativity oriented. This overview is excerpted from the book that is available at Amazon.com.


In thinking like a leader, you define an overarching purpose (Mint 1). You reframe today’s reality into tomorrow’s possibility because of your current circumstances not in spite of them (Mint 2). You engage your imagination (Mint 3). You rewrite your destiny (Mint 4).

Leaders improvise (Mint 25). Leaders see the opportunity within the perceived obstacle (Mint 5 and Mint 23). Leaders leverage new perspectives (Mint 6) with your YQ, your Yield Questions (Mint 36).

Leaders guard against jumping to conclusions (Mint 7) and rudimentary thinking (Mint 10). Leaders stay alert to new venues (Mint 11) and even leverage off-the-wall thinking (Mint 27).

You try to see yourself the way others see you (Mint 8-9). Leaders listen fully (Mint 12) and patiently (Mint 13).

Leaders embrace paradox (Mint 14) and seek new venues (Mint 15), new horizons (Mint 16) and virtually defy gravity (Mint 17) to continuously improve (Mint 24).

Leaders set the mood (Mints 18-19) and broaden their vision (Mints 20-21). Leaders add pizzazz to their customer service (Mint 22).

Leaders distort and orient, exchange and overstate (Mint 26). Leaders innovate (Mints 28-29). Leaders are resourceful (Mint 30).

Leaders help others understand (Mint 35) by making things simple not simpler (Mint 34). And leaders take the time to think (Mints 32-33) at 250 miles per hour  (Mint31)!

Next week we’ll take a quick peek at Part II in THINKING Like a Leader on  Concentration. In the meantime, have a creative week full of paradox and pizzazz!