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Beware of the 8 Barriers to Thinking

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you enhance your ability to think. Reading time: 2:16.

The Titanic’s Grand Staircase

     It is logical and oh so wrong.

     A survey showed that 90 percent of accidents on staircases involved either the top or bottom stair. Therefore, the computer logically concluded:  to reduce accidents just eliminate the top and bottom stairs.

         Of course humans can factor into their thinking process more than a computer’s Ones and Zeros, either/or binary decision-making. And as a leader you regularly factor in so many other variables in the gray zone of complexity between the black and white number crunching that would eliminate the two key steps that would nullify the functionality of the entire staircase.

        To help you continue to sharpen your decision-making process beyond the classic seven-step problem-solving process: (1) Collection, (2) Selection, (3) Investigation, (4) Determination, (5) Inspection, (6) Execution and (7) Evaluation, let’s examine the eight barriers to effective THINKING. Continue reading