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Weaving the Thread of Integrity Straight From Your Gut

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to solidify your sense of integrity. Reading time: 2:38.

     Watching a spider weave its web is a lesson in leadership execution and disciplined project management. So resourceful. So committed. So deliberate.

       As I watched a spider create something from deep within itself, something that was meant ultimately to help sustain it (with food caught in its threads) and protect it (from prey),  I thought how much a leader’s integrity is built and maintained much like the integrity of a spider’s web. From within.

     Just like spiders build their webs thread by thread, leaders build  their integrity, decision by decision, action by action– each previous action serving as a stepping stone to each subsequent decision, each subsequent action. All decisions –like all threads– connected,  coordinated, and concentrated.

     Indeed nothing happens until the spider – and the leader—initiate an action, an action that comes from deep within. Consider the spider’s initial action that spawns the dawn of a pending achievement–a full web woven in less than hour.

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