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In Deference to Difference

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to reinforce the power in diversity. Reading time: 3:21

      Natural gas is odorless –yet you can still smell leaking gas. Why?

      wind 1 powerlinesUtility companies add a chemical– methyl mercaptan– that gives the natural gas an unnatural scent.

      And some might say a life-saving accent.

      Adding that chemical –that beneficial difference —to the natural gas is symbolic of effective leadership.

       That’s because the most effective leaders bring together diverse elements to create a more productive, more efficient, and more effective working environment.  They understand that diversity can enrich, engage and empower creative and critical thinking skills.

      Indeed, effective leaders marshal a greater deference to difference. They foster a greater respect for the mastery of –and the majesty in — diversity.

      And no wonder, even Mother Nature’s awesome power stems from her deference to differences like these:

      Electricity flows because of the difference between a positive charge and a negative charge.

      Water flows because of the difference in water pressure.
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