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Unleashing Your Power of Analogy

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you conquer your fear in a challenging situation. Reading time: 3:56

        You’re facing a high-pressure situation. Maybe it’s a critical sale. Or a crucial contract negotiation.

Jim O'Brien

Jim O’Brien kicks Super Bowl winning field goal in 1971

        You either win right now or you lose big time. Maybe you lose your big bonus or your big office or even your big job. Your leadership is on the line.

        What do you do when your competitors have a commanding advantage in experience and proven expertise?

       What do you do to counter their intimidating taunts? What do you do to calm your frayed nerves?

      Unleash your Power of Analogy.

      That’s what Baltimore Colt rookie field goal kicker Jim O’Brien did to win Super Bowl V against a seemingly insurmountable pro football Dallas Cowboys defense that had already:

1. Forced seven turnovers in the game,
2. Scored both of their touchdowns in the game and
3. Blocked O’Brien’s point-after-touchdown attempt earlier in the game.

     Suffice to say O’Brien was having a bad day at the office on this Super Sunday yet he methodically kicked a perfect 32-yard field goal that gave the Baltimore Colts a come-from-behind 16-13 Super Bowl V victory over the Dallas Cowboys with five seconds remaining in the game. Continue reading