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Making Yourself Heard in the Jungle

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to collaborate more productively. Reading time: 2:02

       Swinging from the vine, Tarzan’s yell trumpeted throughout the jungle, blasting his personal signature in the movies with an ear-piercing, attention-commanding roar.

      tarzan Yet in reality, Tarzan’s yell was comprised of three different male voices collaborating together to record cinema history.

      Tarzan’s Scream Team is an instructive metaphor for the way the most effective leaders collaborate to assure their collective message is heard, understood and acted upon by the broadest set of followers.

      Collaboration enhances overall performance. In the jungle and in the sky. Take a look at the North Star. It’s revelatory to note that

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Turning Your Weakness Into Your Strength

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to turn the lemons in your life into lemonade.

         I needed a cup of coffee. Bad. Let me revise that with proper emphasis: I NEEDED  a cup of coffee. You know the feeling. That vending machine looked like an oasis to me. I had no change. I only had three wrinkled one-dollar bills.

        But the dollar-bill change machine spit out all three of my attempts to feed it. I was desperate. HELP!  A service man from the vending company happened to be restocking a nearby candy machine. He came to my rescue.

        He took my wrinkled dollar bill – and wrinkled it some more. I CRINGED. Oh, no. That’s going to ruin that dollar even more and the machine will spit it again and again. I was wrong. He folded it lengthwise, creased it, flattened it and then fed it into the machine. The machine gobbled it up and soon I was gulping down the coffee. Ahhhhhhh! You know the feeling.

      That vending machine service man demonstrated to me that sometimes you gain strength through a perceived weakness.

      After all a leaf will stay afloat longer if its sides are curled up, even though the curl would seem to weaken  the structure. Continue reading