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It’s Showtime Every Day & You’re the Emcee

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you enhance your talent development skills in others.

         Who’s your ideal leader? It’s a question I get all the time in my leadership seminars. My answer always stumps a few people in the audience: Ed Sullivan.

         Yes, the same Ed Sullivan who brought us the Beatles and various other talents from jugglers to dog acts into our living rooms in the 1960s.  Live. On national television Yes, the same Ed Sullivan, who told millions of CBS viewers about the “really, really, really big show” that was in store for them EVERY Sunday evening.

Ed Sullivan Meets the Beatles

Ed Sullivan shakes hands with Michael Jackson

          Ed Sullivan was more than a master of ceremonies was. He was an emcee of the highest order: an MC — a Meaningful Connector– who not only brought a variety of talent together but also gave it a focus and a framework that captured the attention of millions.

         As the leader, Ed Sullivan emceed excellence by helping the audience (i.e. customers) connect more fully to the product (performance) and by helping the performers (the employees) more fully develop a total quality production.

       As the leader, the emcee, Ed Sullivan was the FOCAL point but not the focus. He always turned the spotlight on everyone else.

      As the leader, the emcee Ed Sullivan appreciated Continue reading