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360 Degree Thinking in the Round

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to develop your perspective. Reading time: 4:10

        The five-legged animal — positioned at eye-level on a pedestal in the CEO’s office– caught every visitor’s attention.

Assyrian Sculpture (from what is now Iraq).

Assyrian Sculpture (from what is now Iraq).

         The replica of an ancient Assyrian sculpture invited on-lookers to evaluate the piece  from various angles,  from front to back, from side to side, from all 360 degree vantage points.

        From the front, you could see only two legs. The sculpture looked like a bull. Steady and resolute.

        From the side, you could see three legs. The sculpture looked like a tiger.  Prowling and threatening.

       The CEO’s message to herself and all who entered her office was clear. Perspective is everything in problem solving. Especially in the executive suite where there is a premium on judgement that embraces more funnel vision than tunnel vision.

       Yet. Leaders beware. Where you stand on an issue often depends on Continue reading