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Negotiating: Getting a PEACE of the Action

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you regain control of a negotiation on the brink of failure. Reading time: 3:27

        The shouting is getting louder. The name-calling more acerbic. The discussion more argumentative. Now your negotiating session is on the verge of falling apart. What do you do? Call on a higher power.  And get a Peace of the action.

      Unlocking Grid-Lockb hands Albrecht_Dürer_Betende_Hände

Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin

         That’s what Ben Franklin did during the vigorous debate over the philosophy and policy in writing the Constitution of the United States.

     The power struggle ensued for five weeks. The largest states wanted representation by population. The smallest states wanted one vote per state to make sure their voices were heard as loudly as the large states.


      This Constitutional Congress was on the verge of stalemating at best. Then Ben Franklin gave us all a keen leadership lesson:

          Cool it when the going gets hot and heavy.

       Franklin called for a three-day cooling off period.  He also proposed that when Congress reconvened the first order of business would be a prayer “ to enlighten our minds with a portion of heavenly wisdom, influence our hearts with a love of truth and justice, and crown our labors with complete and abundant success! Continue reading