Leading When Your Write Stuff Gets Stuffed

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to better cope with critics of your writing. Reading time:3:11

         You worked hard writing a report. Now instead of a “thank you” or at least basking in the glow of an appreciative glance, your client/boss/team begin figuratively shooting your document full of holes, their red pens bleeding all over your margins in the wake of an editing eruption. On steroids.

       Your face is getting even redder as your blood pressure soars and you realize the critiques seem concerned more about your writing style than your thought process.

      You’re a wounded writer. And sometimes, leaders have to grin and bear it, especially if the critic is your customer –or your boss. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride for the good of the project.

      So what do you do when your write stuff gets stuffed? What do you do when your clients, colleagues and bosses assume their editor’s role and start ripping through your document — each slash of their pen like another knife piercing your heart.

     Relax. Take a deep breath. And smile when you remember the following apocryphal story that has soothed the editing lacerations of many wounded writers. Continue reading “Leading When Your Write Stuff Gets Stuffed”