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Conflict Management: Get Off Your Buts!!

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you maintain control in a conflict. Reading time: 2:11.

         I always smile when I think of the scene in  Star Trek the Motion Picture  where Spock and Dr. McCoy are reunited on the starship for the first time in years.   McCoy — the affable people-oriented physician —  sniffs at Spock — the cold, aloof, analytical half human science officer: “You are as warm as ever and you haven’t changed.”

Spock in the Star Trek television program

Dr. McCoy in the Star Trek television series.

         And Spock, his voice dripping with equal sarcasm, retorts: “Nor have you changed, doctor, as your continued predilection for irrelevancy demonstrates.”

        Feuding like that between McCoy and Spock — born in personality differences and bred in a high-stress work environments, is bound to happen in any organization whenever and wherever highly intelligent, ambitious, opinionated people come together. The key for effective leaders is knowing how to deflect and defuse accusatory language.

      After all, it’s too easy to look for the negative in any situation; too easy to find a flaw in the situation;  too easy to change the tone of discussion from upbeat to beat-up; too easy to say, “Yes….but…”

      That’s why the most effective leaders I have known get off their “buts!!!” They conquer conflict with something more than the standard “Yes….but” mantra. They turn their ‘buts” into ‘ands.”

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