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Earning Your Stripes With Sincerity

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to strength your ethical behavior. Reading time: 2:12

      Are zebras –black– with white stripes? Or white —with black stripes?

      az_zebrasWho cares? Leaders do–leaders with integrity.

      After all, with integrity well-founded, there is no quandary on seemingly ambivalent issues.

     With integrity well defined, there is much more  greater understanding of conflicting points of view. With integrity well-conceived, there is much more focus in defining a meaningful vision.

      Indeed with integrity, there is more clarity in delineating and defining a zebra’ stripes than meets the eye.

      Zebras are –white –with black stripes despite plenty of contrary evidence. Why?

     Researchers tell us the black stripes vary in color but the white stripes demonstrate more integrity. The white stripes of a zebra are always uniform, clearly delineated. With integrity.

     Like the root word on “Integrity” —  Integer –or a whole number. No wonder wholesome integrity is critical to a leader’s decision making.  Continue reading