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Feeding Off Each Other in a Friend-zy

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s are idea to strengthen the bond of teamwork in your staff. Reading time: 3:58

       “So happy together…” I was humming that old Turtles song the other day and I recalled an allegory on teamwork that I often used in the mentoring seminars I conducted for a large company.

      The moral of the story always seemed to strengthen the bonds between mentor and mentee. Maybe this allegory can be of some utility to you in your team building.

         There’s a legend about two neighboring cities that shared the same contaminated water source. All of the residents fell victim to a disease that stiffened their elbows.

       They could move their arms but could not bend their elbows. 

        All of the people in one of the towns starved to death. Yet most of the people in the other town — though still paralyzed– survived.  How? They fed each other.

     Yes, leaders feed each other in a kind of feeding “friend-zy” that nourishes and fosters growth. they create a shared environment where their staffs feed OFF one another rather than feed ON each other. Continue reading