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Turn Your Company Into a Nudist Colony

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to conduct your business with greater transparency.

         Turn your company into a nudist colony. That’s what Hal Rosenbluth did.

        And his travel agency business grew 75-fold in 15 years: from a $20 million company to $1.5 billion company and then to a $6 billion company 10 years later.

Nudes in The Last Judgement were ordered to be covered with loincloths and veils

           “Figuratively speaking, we operate a nudist colony where every last nook and cranny is bared to our clients,” Rosenbluth writes in his book The Customer Comes Second.  “Fig leaves are banned at our company. We believe there can be nothing that you can hide from your clients.”

         Or from your employees.

            Naked, effective leaders have no proverbial towel to throw into the ring, shed their personal baggage and forge new relationships, new understandings and new learnings.

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