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Glove Love & Dream Catchers

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to rekindle your passion for your profession’s tools. Reading time: 3:34

       Yeeeowwww! He grimaced as the pain burned through his fingers, the stinging pain of a hardball slammed on a baseball field and caught. Bare-handed!

Baseball Glove circa 1920

Baseball Glove circa 1920

        Then stoically, the infielder somehow finds the strength to grip the ball and throw to first base, transferring the same stinging pain to the first baseman who likewise absorbed the pain — bare-handed.

      And in the process these hard-core, bare-handed baseball players of yesterday taught us a keen lesson in leadership: Passion trumps convenience and the bond of a team working together for a shared goal can endure and even thrive on pain and frustration.

      They followed their passion for the game FIRST. Then the supporting equipment –from baseball gloves to catcher’s masks—would follow decades later.


     Leaders know that passion drives performance. No sense waiting around for another tool, another piece of equipment, a larger lab, a more advanced manufacturing facilities. Build it now.Play ball! Now!

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