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Leadership Mints Series Sampler: Cashing In On Your Empty Space

Star-gazers sense the awesome power and presence of light traveling 6 trillion miles a year for 4.367 years from our nearest star (Alpha Centauri) to finally come into our view.

But leaders see much more than meets the eye. They also factor the affect of the empty space between the stars. That “empty” space is full of something — something that governs the behavior of the stars.

In fact the space between the two flickering stars “is not nothing” as author Daniel Shapiro points out in his book Negotiating the Nonnegotiable. “It contains the gravitational pull that shapes their relationship.”

That gravitation pull of the spaces between the stars is critically significant in defining most objects not simply in defining the stars as Chinese philosopher Lao-Tse’s observed:

     Thirty spokes meet in the hub but the empty space between them is the essence of the wheel.

      “Pots are formed from clay but the empty space within it is the essence of the pot.

      “Walls with windows and doors form the house but the empty space within is the essence of the house.

        “And so, we see advantage is had from whatever is there but usefulness rises from whatever is not.”


Indeed, usefulness in a bicycle wheel stems from whatever is not there — the spaces — between the spokes. It is that space that ultimately governs the strength of each spoke. Likewise it is the follower who ultimately governs the strength of the leader, according to Keith Grint, a professor of public leadership at Warwick University in Coventry, England.

“In short, the power of leaders is a consequence of the actions of followers rather than a cause of it,” Grint says. “In effect, leadership is the property and the consequence of a community rather than of an individual.”

Likewise a leader is sanctioned only when others are aligned to follow in much the same way a wheel will spin only when the spaces (followers) are correctly — and collectively – -aligned to support the spokes (the leader). Both need each other.

On terra firma or beyond in the celestial heavens.

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Leadership Mints Sampler: Dancing The Tofu Tango

Sizzling in the vegetable stir fry, the tofu looked bland in the pan yet tasted grand on the plate.

How come?

Think of Tofu as an aromatic sponge that soaks up air-borne smells. And think of yourself as a key ingredient in that Marinating Magic Show.

Like Tofu, your leadership skills sizzle in a skillet with other flavors, seasonings and spices and bring out the best flavor in yourself and others.

After all, you become a part of all you touch and all who touch you impart something of themselves to you that lasts over time.

That osmosis shapes your thinking, guides your soul and alerts your mind to the opportunities and obstacles ahead.

In fact the people you habitually associate with “can determine up to 95% of your success or failure in life,” according to Harvard psychologist David McClelland.

And of course the people you habitually associate with can also determine how well you dance The Tofu Tango. Indeed, the more you dance with the stars ––leaders in their own fields –– the more they rub off on you –– and the more you rub off on them –– the more seasoned and spicy your leading performance can become.

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