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Parachuting From Fright to Insight

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to sharpen your sense of perspective. Reading time: 3:27

         There I was on a precarious perch.
Just inches away from the plane’s open door.
Just inches away from the engine’s deafening roar.
Just inches away from the winds screaming call.
Just inches away from a 4,000 foot fall.
Just inches away from my first parachute jump.

        I looked down.  My eyes blurred.  My palms moistened.  Fright drained the saliva from my mouth.  I was about to learn a significant leadership lesson in overcoming fear.  Sweat trickled down my forehead.  Wind flooded my face.

       Wrestling,  against that 80-mile-an-hour wind,  I struggled to fling my legs out the side of the single engine airplane.  I planted my toe on the 3-inch wide step. And let go.

        Plunging, plummeting, toppling and tumbling,  I fell 242 feet in four seconds.  Suddenly,  the screaming air quieted.  The roaring engine faded.

      My fearful, tearful eyes opened in awe wonder and majesty.  I looked up and there it was:  the most beautiful flower I have ever seen blossoming in the sky. Continue reading