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Leadership Mints Series Sampler Aligning Personal Harmony

What if you could feel good doing the work you love (virtually without breaking a sweat). What if you you feel so relaxed and in tune with yourself as you work that your heart rate says you must have fallen asleep?

No way you say? Not in your stress-filled, work-a-day world.

Yet the most effective leaders align their personal harmony. They define it, refine  it, engage it and leverage it — over time–and work more productively.

With less stress.

Consider the experience of David Brooks, the author of The Second Mountain.

He recalls the first time he wore a Fitbit — a wrist-watch like device that monitors a variety of the body’s functions.

Brooks was surprised that his Fitbit recorded that he was falling asleep every day between 8 am and 11 am.

But he wasn’t asleep. He was writing. He was doing what he loved.

He was “thinking on paper” as author William Zinssner defined the writing process in his book On Writing Well.

“Apparently writing is the time when my heartbeat is truly at rest, when I feel right with myself,” Brooks observed.

As every decision maker knows when you feel right with yourself, your concentration level increases and your creative output soars.

You get more done with seemingly less effort.

To learn how to more fully align your skills and talents to feel even more right with yourself and get even more done  purchase a 300-page book now available on Amazon. com filled with 77 short stories (5-minute reads called Leadership Mints) on examples from business, sports and politics.

It’s titled:          LOVING Like a Leader with Empathy– one of three books in The Leadership Mints Series designed to help leaders refresh their feeling for leading. And as a bonus, the postscript titled– BUSINESS: A HUMAN EXPERIENCE — shares the impetus for this book on empathy impacting the bottom line.

The two other books in The Leadership Mints Series -now available on Amazon.com — include THINKING Like a Leader with Clarity and SPEAKING Like a Leader with Civility





All three books in The Leadership Mints Series are designed for busy leaders seeking to refresh their feeling for leading in 5-minutes or less — the average reading of a Leadership Mint.

           What ‘s a Leadership Mint?

Consumed like a breath mint — quick and on-the-go — a Leadership Mint is a short story that energizes leadership behaviors and personalizes leadership principles so they are more easily remembered, more readily acted upon and more fully applied.


Let Cooler Heads Prevail

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to cool off when tempers get hot. Reading time: 2:14

       You trade insults with a rival in the heat of battle. You’re mad as hell. And then all’s well.

a anger        Fiction, you say? Not to the most effective leaders who may lose their tempers at times but never lose their thermostats. They can lower the temperature before they explode in a blaze of MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY.

        Consider President Harry S. Truman and union leader Al Whitney during the 1946 Congressional campaign. They traded barbs. Their blistering vocal bombs fueled lots of hurt feelings and negative press attention.

    Two months later they found themselves face-to-face in a scheduled meeting at The White House. The union boss was clearly nervous. After all, he had derided the President of the United States as “nothing but a ribbon clerk” during the heated congressional campaign.

            Historians tell us when the two met, Truman greeted the union leader warmly. “It’s good to see you, Al. You look wonderful.” And the President established his leadership and set the tone for the rest of the meeting.  “Let’s not waste time discussing the past,” Truman posited. “Let’s just agree we both received bad advice.” Continue reading