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Doing Right When No One’s In Sight

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to enhance your integrity. Reading time: 2:39

       The Greek sculptor diligently carved the back of a statue’s head.

        No matter that virtually no one would ever see his handi-work. star fish 1Especially on 40-foot tall statue placed against a wall.

      “Who will know?”

       A bystander chided Phidias for working so hard on his Athena that would be positioned inside the Parthenon in Athens.

       “I will know,” Phidias stated sternly.

      Leaders always know. No matter who’s watching. Or not.

      Leaders have INTEGRITY, meaning they always remain whole. (Root word “Integer” =  a whole number.)

               Leaders remain whole no matter how many ad hoc situations or circumstances tempt them to cut corners. Leaders don’t cut corners. And leaders don’t get cornered. Or cut off.

              Cut one of the arms of a starfish and a new arm will grow Continue reading