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THINKING Like A Leader Relaunched With Bonus Mints

Relax, take a deep breath and savor these 77 Leadership Mints, bite-sized ideas to refresh and revitalize your leadership thinking and energize and recharge your leadership batteries.

You’re busy.Too busy to attend as many webinars and workshops on leadership as you might like and too busy to keep up with so many books and blogs on leadership thinking.

Take a 5-Minute Leadership Mints Break

        THINKING Like a Leader, With Clarity, featuring 77 Leadership Mints, has been updated and relaunched–with four Bonus Mints — to help busy leaders refresh and rejuvenate their leadership skills.

And take 5. Five minutes is the average reading time for each of these 77 short stories on leadership principles called Leadership Mints.

Written in an entertaining style with attention-getting chapter titles like Yabba Dabba Doooo On Monday Morning Too, the book also helps new and emerging leaders to learn through examples of leadership principles from business, sports and politics.

The 298-page book, available at Amazon.com (BUY NEW), serves as a refresher for seasoned leaders and a learning tool for emerging leaders on 12 leadership principles in particular from conflict management to creative and collaborative thinking.

Calling on 30 years of business experience, author Peter Jeff provides readers a virtual candy dish of Leadership Mints — on ingenuity and innovation and perception and relationship building —to grab ‘ go in real time when a leader’s intervention can do the most good without sacrificing productivity to attend an off-site seminar or workshop.

Goal-Setting: In Yourself Believe

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s a poem to help you more fully focus on your goals.

      As the author of a book on personal leadership — Get a GRIP on your Dream—I’m always on the lookout for anything that helps me focus more on the significance of goal-setting. Hence my GRIP process of personal leadership begins with GOAL-SETTING (then evolves into Risk-taking, Initiating and Persisting).

     I ran across the following poem on GOAL-SETTING by that famous poet– Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous– that seemed to capture the meaning and purpose of goal-setting.  In fact I used to recite this poem to close each of the mentoring classes I designed and delivered for a multi-billion dollar corporation. Perhaps this GOAL-SETTING  poem will help you too stay focused on achieving your goals.


Fortunate is the person who in this life can find a purpose that can fill their days and goals to fill their mind.

The world is filled with many people, content with where they are.  Not knowing the joys success can bring, nor willing to go that far.

Yet in this world there is a need for people to lead the rest,
to rise above the average life  by giving of their best.

 Would you be the one who dares to try when challenged by the task?

  Will you strive to heights you’ve never seen or is that too much to ask ?

  This is your day, a world to win.
Great purpose to achieve.
Accept the challenge of your goals.
And  in yourself believe.

Today’s ImproveMINT
Accept the challenge of your goals to  keep   your leadership thinking in mint condition.

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