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Leadership Mints Defined

         A Leadership Mint is a daily quick-read, short story-like blog post that personalizes leadership principles and  freshens your  bottom-line thinking.    Like its candy counterpart, a Leadership Mint is easily spooned, quickly digested and immediately satisfying.

  • EASILY SPOONED – Bite -sized scenarios on specific leadership behavior or lack thereof.
  • QUICKLY DIGESTED –Content-rich storytelling format  engages the reader  PERSONALLY.
  • IMMEDIATELY SATISFYING – Comfort food for the soul  that reminds, reinforces and reassures leaders of their own leadership values.

      Leadership Mints are particularly designed for busy knowledge workers like you. You don’t need a Basex 2010 study to tell you that  “knowledge workers only spend 5% of the day engaged in thought and reflection.”

      You already know you’d like to read more, think more,  reflect more than 5% of your day.

              Savor a Leadership Mint for a few minutes every day and extend your 5% thinking time.  Consider sharing your Leadership Mints at your next staff meeting as a time-saving learning and leading professional development tool.  At any rate, you can expect a new Leadership Mint served every business day to help you keep your leadership thinking in mint condition.   I look forward to your comments,  thoughts and reflections.