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Check Your Attitude Indicator On the Fly

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy
Here’s an idea to conduct on-going feedback to enhance mutual performance. Reading time 3:37.

        Flying an airplane, a pilot gets immediate feedback on the plane’s flight performance from a gauge in the cockpit aptly called an Attitude Indicator.

        attitude2 indicatorThe Attitude Indicator features a graphic of an airplane on a gyroscope that gives the pilot a visual orientation of the airplane to the horizon.

        That graphic of the airplane on the Attitude Indicator tells the pilot if the plane’s tilt (pitching) is too high or too low;  if the plane’s  yaw of the nose left or right is off mark and if the plane’s roll (banking) is out of balance side to side.

        Feedback in real-time is vital to a pilot. And to a leader. Continue reading