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Feeding The Birds To Seed Your Message

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to speak so that others will listen no matter how different their personality traits. Reading time: 3:34.

         Leadership is for the birds. The president of the company stepped out of his office and scanned the executive suite. “There are 12 vice presidents in this company and no two of them are alike,” he said to his visitor. “They’re all birds of a different feather.”

         Those birds of a different feather –that diversity in thinking and behaving —are the keys to success in today’s dynamic workplace. That’s why the most effective leaders leverage their behavioral differences. And the most effective leaders recognize and celebrate and adapt to the differences in their staffs. –birds of a different feather.

         Those birds, flying throughout your organization, are as different as eagles, peacocks, doves and owls. That’s why the most effective leaders know they have to feed these birds differently in order for them to all perch together on the same branch to achieve the intended goal.

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