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Productivity: Unwrapping Your Present NOW!

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to be more productive –now. Reading time: 2:41.

4-year-old daughter:
“Dad, what time is it?”
Dad:    “Now.”

 “Yeah, now.”
Dad:   “Now.”

 “Stop fooling around, dad. What time is it?”
Dad:   “Now.
“Now is the only time that really matters.”

          In the NOW, leaders know that yesterday is a cancelled check; tomorrow a promissory note. Today is the only real currency leaders have to spend.

    In the Now, leaders leverage the moment —into MOMENTum!

      In the Now, leaders see more congruence than coincidence in the quirk that the word “Now “is “Won” spelled backwards.

     In the Now, leaders board the train of life determined to DO something Now !

     Yet many procrastinate.  They’re paralyzed in their own fear. They’re frozen in their own time waiting for that NEXT station in life –  you know the one always just around the next turn —where you will : FINALLY achieve your dreams (after the kids are out of college);  FINALLY get that promotion (after the owner retires); FINALLY, win that piece of business (after your new product introduction) or FINALLY buy that bigger house (after you get that bonus) . Continue reading