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Leadership cues from Mother Nature

By Peter F. Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea on learning from Mother Nature. Reading time: 2:57

Alaskan glacier

Alaskan glacier

      What can leaders learn from Mother Nature in developing an effective leadership environment.

      Let’s first visit Mother Nature’s glaciers in Alaska. The ice isn’t white. It’s blue, a turquoise blue. The glaciers are so densely packed that the oxygen in the ice chemically behaves more like nitrogen.

       Are your employees turning blue?
Are they packed in too close to each
other either on the factory floor or in the office?

      Now let’s take a look at birds: Eagles, condors and albatrosses build their nests high in trees or cliffs or mountain tops. They must take off downhill in order to fly.

       Are your eagles —high performing workers—
forced to build their homes too close to the ground?

       A sparrow hawk is full-grown and flying in 26 days. That’s because all birds of prey have to grow up fast especially in cold weather. They must be big enough to hunt before the winter arrives. Continue reading