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HOPE: A 4-Letter Word to Swear By

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

         Here’s are a few examples of inspiring behavior that will spur you on today. Reading time: 2:19.

        The fire roared like a wild dragon, scorching the building with its blazing breath. It’s flaming fingers dug deeply into the building, plucking out the walls, popping out the windows, pulling out the roof supports.

         Tears flushed the eyes of the owner of the building.  He wasn’t sure if his tears were coming from the smoke in the air or the choking in his heart.

         His family’s business for nearly 80 years burned down to ashes. Just 36 hours later he re-opened for business in make shift offices.  Twenty years later his business  tripled its volume.

        I was the featured speaker at this company’s 100th anniversary. When I met the grandsons of the owner,  I could see that sense of destiny in their eyes too. They were determined to not only survive but thrive.  Continue reading