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Signature Statement: Saying I’m Sorry the Write Way

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to reinforce the bonds of a relationship. Reading time: 3:42

         “I’ll be there to give you moral support,” my new boss told me as I prepared for a presentation at a large sales meeting.

i-am-sorry-640x531         It really didn’t matter that my boss never showed. After all, he clearly had confidence me. Besides, the presentation went well as expected.

         As soon as I got back to the office, my boss stopped me before I had a chance to sit down.

         No “how-did-it-go” inquiry.  No excuses for not attending my presentation. No hiding behind the proverbial “emergency that I had to handle.” He just simply confessed:

         “I screwed up. I just forgot all about it. I am sorry.  So sorry.  That’s for you.”

           My boss pointed to an envelope on my desk.

          The envelope had my name written in perfect penmanship. Inside there was a blank motivational card that said “CHALLENGE” on the front.

         I opened the card and read his carefully handwritten apology. I knew my new boss as a highly successful leader who brandished his reputation as a street-smart, don’t-mess-with-me guy.

            That’s why I felt goosebumps sprinkle all over my back as I read his words — “I’m sorry.  I screwed up….” Each letter he wrote in his best penmanship seemed so thoughtfully scripted. His expensive fountain pen seemed to ooze drops like so many virtual tears.

      (Oh, I know that sounds so over the top,  but in my world — a dashed note from a boss in lousy penmanship is the rule not the exception. This was no quickly dashed note.) Anyway, after reading his apology,  I needed  to swallow before getting back to work.   Continue reading