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Orchestrating Your Message with More Than Lyrics

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you persuade  audiences with more than your words. Reading time: 2:49.

       Mark Twain, the famous author and humorist,  was getting dressed one morning.

        He put on a shirt. It had a missing button.
He put on another shirt. It had a missing button.
He put on a third shirt. It, too, had a missing button.

       Twain then unleashed a swirl of swear words. His wife, standing right behind him, heard every word. She methodically repeated every word back to him in hopes of embarrassing her husband.

     Twain took it all in and then said: “You have the words, but not the music.”

       The most effective leaders I know have both the words and the music in their voice. They use the tone of their voice to articulate even more meaning and memorability. Even with one word musically delivered.


       Who can ever forget the way scientist and author Carl Sagan spoke of “Billllioooooonnnnnnnnsss and Billllioooooonnnnnnnnsss of stars?”

    The turbulence in his voice articulates the vastness of the universe. The trembling whisper in his voice soars through light years of awe, wonder and mystery. And the rumbling of his voice  echoing the void of space. Continue reading