Leadership Mints Sampler: Cashing In On Two Dimes

As a youngster, I remember my dad included two dimes in every greeting card he gave my mom throughout their near half-century together.

And no doubt the symbolism reflected in those two dimes  on her birthday —or their anniversary, on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day every year etc. — in some way played a role in my penchant to study trust-building relationships throughout most of my leadership development career.

Although it has been more than a half-century ago I can still see the anticipation in my mom’s eyes as she cupped her left hand to catch the expected two dimes after opening the envelope and reliving the experience as if it were her first time.

The dimes would cascade into the palm of her hand and her face would always light up in sheer delight.

In gripping those dimes, she also reaffirmed her grasped on her marriage’s long running experience of commitment, trust, integrity and respect that cemented their near 50-year marriage before my dad passed away.

Those dimes rekindled a commitment of caring and sharing, respect and understanding that to my young eyes flared the proverbial fire in their love for each other.

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