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Collaborating Nose-to-Nose

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you increase your productivity. Reading time: 3:42

       Two percheron horses were pulling a wagon load of people through an apple orchard on a sunny, crisp fall afternoon.

       horsesThe  driver of the horse-drawn wagon said that individually each horse could pull almost 3,000 pounds. But together they could pull 8,000 pounds, at least 33% more than they could pull individually.

       The horses learned how to interact with each other, how to work with each other.  They learned how to move like dancers in step with each other.

       They learned to get ahead they had to stay head to head. In tandem. Nose to nose.

      No wonder horses are more easily trained when they can touch noses with other horses. Nose to nose, they are more productive. Nose-to-nose, they are more attentive.

       And no wonder that aligning talent nose-to-nose –collaborating –is a key leadership skill for increased productivity and performance. The most effective leaders know that collaborating in general increases speed, enhances power, builds strength and increases overall performance. Continue reading