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Hearing What’s Not Being Said

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to enhance your ability to anticipate. Reading time: 1:56.

        You’re hungry. You wander into an unfamiliar restaurant.  You order.


The M*A*S*H* television program in the 1970’s evinced many leadership principles including the power in anticipating customer needs.

            But when the waiter serves your entree you almost need a magnifying glass to find your food on the plate.

           The beef is sliced so fine that you can read the dish pattern through it. Talk about melting in your mouth! This meat is so thin it seems to evaporate off your fork before it crosses your lips.

         The waiter notices and in the process exercises a key leadership skill: hearing what’s not being said.

         Maybe it was the way he saw your puppy dog eyes that seemed to drool all over the plate when you kept looking for more meat on the plate.

         Maybe it was the way he could almost feel your fork scraping the plate trying to get every morsel.

         Maybe it was the way he seemingly heard your stomach growling. Continue reading