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Evaluating Your OPERA-tions : Part I

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you strengthen your decision-making.   Reading time: 2:48.

           The newly-appointed division president came prepared for his first formal meeting with his boss, the chairman of the multi-billion company.

Scene from Phantom of the Opera

Scene from Phantom of the Opera

            But the chairman seemed more interested in talking about the opera. Whoa there!

           What does an appreciation of the opera have to do with leading a multi-billion company ? Everything.

          After all , the word “opera” means work in Italian.

          And the production of an opera requires all the facets of corporate work including, people, planning and production.

        As Fred Plitkin writes in his book Opera 101: “Opera-going at its best is about the rekindling of the soul, about having an open window into what makes us human.”

         Husbanding that humanity — or at least harboring that humanity with a greater sense of feeling — is a key leadership skill. Continue reading