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Bon Appetit: Dining on the Management & Leadership Combo

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to develop both the manager and the leader in you. Reading time 2:34

           Your salad is wilted. Your steak, cold. Your temper, boiling And your collar, broiling! You are furious at the poor service. You summon the waiter and demand to see the restaurant MANAGER. You don’t ask to see the leader. You want the person in charge, the person IN CONTROL!

         Managers are in control. They roll up their sleeves and “direct by hand,” as the dictionary defines the word “manager.”

       I always found it very instructive that the word “manage” comes from the Latin “manus” which means hand.

          After all, managers organize the chaos, make sense of it, and get some control of it. That’s why the dining public is willing to give a bad restaurant another chance if they know that TODAY it is “under new management.”

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