All Machines Come With a MANual

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to focus on the the operator rather than simply on the operation. Reading time: 2:09.

           Consider the fictional chief executive officer who purchased a machine that could virtually run every job in his factory. Thousands of jobs were eliminated in a salute to efficiency where “two machines can replace 114 workers.”

           a man-machineFinally, when the chief engineer loses his job to the machine, he confronts the CEO:

           “They should have stopped you a year ago.

            “Somebody should have held you down and put a bit in your head and poured in some reminders that men have to eat and work!

            “And you can’t put them out to pasture. I’m a man—and that makes me better than that hunk of metal. Betttterrrr!!!!!”

           That  Twilight Zone  episode on television in the 1960s still hits a nerve of every entrepreneur trying to balance people issues and bottom-line realities.

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