Knowing Your Rites

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to orchestrate traditional values in your organization. Reading time 3:17.

     The procession of robed professors marched into the convocation ceremony. The lead person carried an ornamental golden staff that immediately attracted the attention of all assembled.

   a maceThat sparkling scepter infused the ceremony with immediate credibility, authority and dignity.

     Leaders know their rites.

     Leaders know that symbols are louder than any cymbals – especially in orchestrating the attention of followers. They know that before you can exercise your rights you have to exercise your rites. You have to showcase your symbols.

     How can you more fully wield your own ornamental staff used in a convocation ceremony? How can you wield your own five –foot long golden staff called a mace? Consider these five ideas to help you turn your organization into a place of even more A-MACE-ING Grace: Continue reading “Knowing Your Rites”