What You Think You Are

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to enhance your self-confidence. Reading time: 3:43

      The rookie baseball player wound himself into a tight ball of tension. He could hardly swing his bat.

      Baseball: Academy battles UNLV, falls 20-13His manager intervened: “If you want to become a great hitter you have to relax. Smile. Be happy like Jim over there.”

      The rookie looked towards his teammate and winced. Angrily, he snapped: “Go on. Jim ain’t happy. He only thinks he is.”


      Leaders know what they THINK, they are.  Or as Abraham Lincoln noted: “A man can be as happy as he makes up his mind to be. “

      That’s what leaders do. They make up their minds.  They reframe their situation. Continue reading “What You Think You Are”

Mapping Your Plan Beyond the Compass

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to help you gather all the facts in your problem-solving. Reading time 3:10.

         You’ve done the research. Your plan is set. Now it’s time to execute. You feel confident. You’ve done your homework.

     You launch and then you’re shocked to find out that your ground game is null and void. Your compass and your map somehow disagree with each other.

         How can that be? East on the compass doesn’t match up with east on a map. It can — and does– happen when you assume too much information. That’s why the most effective leaders challenge even their most basic assumptions to be even more productive and more accurate in gearing up their ground game.

          One glance at this map of the United States and you can clearly see that Nevada is EAST of California . Okay, so it follows therefore that Reno, Nevada should be east of Los Angeles, California. Ooops. Not really. Reno, NV is northWEST of Los Angeles.  Let’s take a look at the state of Florida and you can clearly see that Florida is east of Ohio. Okay, so it follows therefore that Tallahassee, Florida should be is east of Cleveland, Ohio. Ooops. Not really. Tallahassee, Florida is WEST of Cleveland. Continue reading “Mapping Your Plan Beyond the Compass”