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Leading With The Most Powerful Drug

By Peter Jeff
The Leadership Mints Guy

Here’s an idea to enhance your ability to communicate effectively. Reading time: 3:04

        What if you had a powerful drug that you could dispense virtually at will that could stimulate productivity and increase profitability in your company or organization? And what if this powerful drug was free, legal and available over the counter?

     a words  You do. And it is.

       The spoken word is the “the most powerful drug used by mankind,” observes author and poet Rudyard Kipling.

        Indeed the most effective leaders carefully prescribe, dose and deliver their drugs (words) of choice knowing how quickly they can react in a human body to either sedate or educate; inflame or inform; frighten or enlighten.

      But sometimes –words like drugs- can have egregious side effects, especially if not administered with the precise emphasis and timing.

      Consider the routine conversation over lunch, when the French lady was asked by her English speaking friends what she was looking forward to in the years ahead. The French woman responded without any hesitation: “A penis” After everyone blushed, a friend said, “Oh you mean happiness.” ” Yes,” she nodded “A penis.”

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